Image Products of California is your ONE-STOP-SHOP for all your Kalle engineering copier parts & supplies.  Image Products of California carries a full line of both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as well as IPC (our own private label) brand parts & supplies.

All IPC brand products are highly proven and are in wide use in the industry.  All IPC brand products are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications (Not to mention they are a great way to save money while maintaining the highest quality!!!).

Parts & Supplies are available for the following models:

Kalle Ozalid EF 1000
Kalle Ozalid EF 1001
Kalle Ozalid EF 2001
Kalle Ozalid EF 3000
Kalle Ozalid EF 3032
Kalle Ozalid EF 4000
Kalle Ozalid EF 5000
Kalle Ozalid EF 5002
Kalle Ozalid PL 8520
Kalle Ozalid PL 8540
Kalle Ozalid PL 8550